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Eating, a favorite

Our friends at Lowes Creek have many things in common, one thing being we love to eat. Eating brings everyone together and we like to conduct ourselves as one big happy family. What better time to hang out with friends and family than breakfast, lunch or dinner? Here at Lowes Creek we have a pavilion and a huge cookhouse that is free to our guests that is big enough to cook for and feed a small army of starving anglers.

the eating pavilion
the cookhouse that can feed an army

You can find us cooking up a full pig, tons of fish and all the fixins that would make everyone's mother proud. When you are done eating, head on over to the pavilion area to enjoy some live music and good southern company.

slicing up the food for everyone
time to cook a whole pig

If nothing else, our southern appetite for food will make you want to stay forever. If you are not up to cooking for your group we can even professionally cater your event. Remember, we specialize in corporate events and always welcome bass clubs. Go fishing and cook up a giant feast of the days catch.


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